Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Really Love Old Bottles !!! Do You ?

PhotobucketFor many years, I have had this fascination with collecting old bottles. You know I can't even tell you why I even like collecting old bottles. I guess I just love any piece of history. Some of the bottles in my collection I have bought from estate sales or yard sales, but the best thing is when you find that old bottle either in the ground or at a old dump sites. What a thrill when a great old bottle is unearthed, especially when it is great condition. Right now my collection includes old medicine bottles, old soda bottles, old milk bottles, old canning jars and old wine and beer bottles. My collection is always displayed as part of my vintage kitchen decor. I am letting a few bottles in my collection go, so up for auction is this small blue tinted bottle by Major's of New York. It is a old Rubber Cement bottle in good condition with only one very tiny chip on the bottom edge. If you are a bottle collector like me, make sure you check it out by clicking on the picture below and going to the live ebay auction, you can get more information and see more great pictures. Auction ends July 14th, so you'll want to get your bid in as soon as possible. Please take a minute to visit my ebay store and take a look at many other vintage collectibles