Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tinas Vintage Treasures Joins The eBay Green Team

Tinas Vintage Treasures is proud to let everyone know that we have joined The eBay Green Team

Did you know that selling your vintage or pre owned items can greatly reduce the amount of trash that ends up at the land fields. Remember your trash may be someone else's treasure. We encourage you to sell or donate those used, pre owned or vintage items. Recycle, Refurbish, Reuse. We all must do our part to help reduce the waste and help save or earth. April 22nd 2010 is Earth Day. This year will be the 40th Anniversary Check out Your business should plan an event. We all should do our part to make our business's Go Green !!!!!!

Tinas Vintage Treasures not only sells used, pre owned and vintage items, but we also do Green shipping, by recycling used boxes for shipping our items and getting free Priority boxes from the US postal Service, those boxes are all eco-friendly. I have a few local stores that call me when they get a new shipment in and when they are finished putting stock on the shelves. We go by and pick up all the boxes bubble wrap and any shipping peanuts and reuse it for shipping, our eBay items

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Japanese Oriental Geisha Kimkoto Washable Doll Figure

Japanese Oriental Geisha Kimkoto Washable Doll Figure

Tinas Vintage Treasures

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Beautiful Oriental Japanese Geisha Ceramic Doll Figurine

She has a beautiful face and many great details

She has hand painted ships and butterflies on her dress

Washable Doll, This doll can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in water

It has the sticker on the bottom as well has green felt that has been glued on
Washable Doll Made in Japan Kimkoto Co

I was unable to find any information about the Kimkodo Co.

Circa 1940- 1950 I believe

She is approx. 13" Tall X 9 3/4" Wide at the base

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