Saturday, June 13, 2009


In the 1940,s hull's pastel tinted realistic floral sprays began flooding the market; it is these for which the Hull company is best remembered. Hull's massive arrayment of art pottery shapes included vases, baskets, ewers, wall pockets, rose bowls- and the list goes on. The company reports a run on console bowls, which were offered in nearly every design. The pastels that tinted the 1940s art lines were very similar in color. tending toward the prominent blues and rose hues, along with others which included peach, almond, apricot and sweet pink, to name but a few. The matte finish lines dominated this period of art pottery production. From the late 1930's to 1940's , Hull vases in many lines appeared relatively simplistic in style. These shapes were repeated usually three and sometimes four times in a single pattern, although the pottery firm was determined that each design keep its individual identity, shapes and ideas were none the less traded from one line to another. Hull's pastel art pottery flourished for over a decade beautiful patterns such as Orchid , Tulip, Iris, Poppy, Water Lilly, Wildflower, Woodland, Magnolia, Rosella, Bow Knot, Calla Lilly and Dogwood.

Below Is A Beautiful Example Of Hull Art Pottery W-9 8 1/2" Wildflower Design

Book Price $190.00 - $245.00

Below Is A Beautiful Rare Double Cornucopia W-23 14" in the Woodland Design

Book Price $550.00-$700.00 (This Is A Great Deal Grab It Now)