Friday, January 21, 2011

Remarkable Vintage Parker 61 Fountain Pen

Vintage The Remarkable Parker 61 Fountain Pen

This Is A Vintage Silver Color Parker 61 Fountain Pen In The Case, With Paperwork, It does Have A Parker Instant Ink Included, A Super Quink Ink Concentrate. It States Fill With Water Write With Ink. (I Am Not Sure How Old The Ink Refill Is, So I Can Not Be Sure It Is Any Good)

According To The Pamplet The Parker 61 Pen Is The Finest Writing Instrument In The World.

The Parker 61 Fills Itself, Cleans Itself, Leakproof And Shockproof, Makes Its own ink from water

Marked On The Pen Lid Parker 61 Made In USA

I Believe It Is Stainless Steel
It Is Approx 5 1/4" Long

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