Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Said You Couldn't Get A Full Spa Treatment For Free

Today I have been married to the most wonderful man for 31 years. We have had a really great life together, and we have so many things to be grateful for. We have two beautiful daughters and two awesome grand kids that have made us very proud. Of course our daughter's had all the typical teenage problems as any other teen, they were not angels, but they have always been good girls. Very loving, thoughtful, and respectful.

They have produced many memorable moments in our life's like when our oldest would dress her and her little sister up and put on shows in the living room, and the time my youngest was ask to write an story about someone in her live that she considered a Winner and she picked me to write about. She was so proud when she got an A. How I laughed when I read the story and the first line read My mom is a real Wiener.

I will still be telling these stories until I turn 90, if I live that long. This week end my grand kids gave me one of those memorable moments.

This past Sunday, just getting back from an out of town trip, I was very exhausted. The grand kids came over and they were playing in the back bedroom. They are 12 years and 9 years and very full of energy. They got very quiet, so I knew they had to be up to something. A little while later they called me to come to the bedroom, so of course I went to see what was going on. I walked in and the presented me with my robe to put over my clothes and a hair band to push my hair back and said MeMa please lay down on the bed, we are going to give you a spa treatment.

They had worked really hard to set everything up, I laid down, and to my surprise they had set up the chair massager under my back. They had microwaved a wet wash rag and put it over my face. One started on my nails and the other massaged my knees and ankles, Oh I felt like I had dyed and went to heaven. I got a facial, my finger nails and toe nails polished,They decided I would be stylish with each nail polished a different color LOL. I got a massage, and I got my hair fixed all up. They were very professional, asking me if I needed anything. It was so special, It is truly one of those memorable moments that when they are grown, I will say, do you remember when.

Who ever said that you couldn't get a full spa treatment for free.