Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Sunday Morning ...... I Am Grand Poodle Sitting For A Week

Good Sunday Morning To You All !!!!!
Well My Youngest Daughter & Her Husband Just Left An Hour Ago, Heading To Florida To Go On A Cruise Ship To The Bahamas.

We Are Sitting Our Toy Grand Poodle Puckie Poo, She May Be Very Small, But She Rules The House When She Is Here, She Is So Spoiled & Thinks She's The Boss.
My Daughter & Son In Law had Rescued Her About 7 Years Ago & She Loves Them So Much

About 7 Years Ago My Daughters Pomeranian Was Stolen Out Of Her Yard. She Was Devastated, And Went Door To Door, Neighborhood to Neighborhood, She Put Flyers All Over Town With His Picture On It Looking For Her Lost Pom.

When One Day She received A Call From A Man That Had Seen Her Flyers In Town. He Explained That He Had Not Seen Her Dog, But His Neighbor Had Moved Out Of Their House A Few Months Ago & Had Just Left The Little Toy Poodle That They Had Payed A Couple Hundred Dollars For Out In The Yard To Fend For It's Self.

He Called Because He Thought She May Want To Come Pick Up The Poodle And Give It A Great Home.

They Went Right Over And Found The Dog In The Yard And Brought Her Home. When They Brought This Dog Home, I Swear This Dog Was So Ugly And Dirty And It's Hair On It's Face And Eyes Was About 7 To 8 Inches Long. The Dog Could Not Even See, It's Hair Was Just All Matted. She Had To Cut A Lot Of It Off Before She Could Even Take Her To The Groomer.

Look How Cute She Is Now, And She Has Been Such A Good Little Dog, Spoiled In Every Way. My Daughter And Son In Law Have No Children Yet ( Although They Have Been Trying). They Treat This Dog Like It Is A Child. They Love Her So Much.

Well It Is Going To Be A Long Week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She Will Sit And Wait For Them Looking Out The Door The Whole Time. And Of Course She Has To Sleep In The Bed With Us, On A Pillow, Because That's What She Is Used To.

It Will Be Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!