Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Green ! Recycle ! Buy Antique, Vintage & Pre Owned

Go Green ! Recycle ! Buy Antique, Vintage & Pre Owned

Now picture looking back at the beach and instead of seeing water, you see a dump. It is around 10 feet high, filled with trash. All the water is a dark shade of brown. The stench is horrifying. Any fish that used to live in the water are long dead. This could be the future of the world, a planet of overflowing trash. People have been carelessly throwing things away. All of this garbage has been piling and piling. Most have been sent to landfills, but they're now overflowing.

Garbage has been discarded into the ocean since humans have lived on seashores or near waterways flowing into the sea. The major problem lately has been plastic in the ocean. Since the 1940s, plastic has increased dramatically. It can harm or kill many animals. Many animals mistake the plastic for food and eat it. They have also become entangled in discarded or lost nets. Our trash is not only taking up land but its also destroying resources, animals, and their way of life.

Americans generated around 225 million tons of trash. Only about one-third of America's trash is recycled; the rest is either incinerated or dumped in landfills. Just think about how much trash America is creating. One of the most important ways of reducing trash is to recycle & Reuse. All in all, trash reducing shouldn't be a problem as long as we put all our minds together. We just need to take action.

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